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Test Drive Unlimited kodai:

Atrakinti: Editor Mode
You must get Pro status.

Atrakinti: Photo mode
You must obtain Amateur level.

Atrakinti: The Reward
You must obtain Expert level. That's 180 achievement points.

Atrakinti: The Legendary Record
You must get to Champion level. That's 450 achievement points.

Atrakinti: Chronopack
Purchase your second vehicle.

Atrakinti: Bike Showrooms
Go to all the car showrooms on the island.

Atrakinti: May the Best Man Win
You must get to Champion level. That's 450 achievement points.

Atrakinti: Cars

Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione: You must beat the Tour of the Island race.
All Challenges ope: You must get Champion rank.
Chrysler Firepower Concept car: Complete all Courier driving missions.
Chrysler ME Four-Twelve: You must finish all Race challenges with Golds.
Ford Island: Achieve Expert rank.
Ford Mustang GT-R Concept: You must finish all Vehicle Transpot driving missions.
Ford Shelby Cobra Concept: You must finish all Top Model driving missions.
Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept: You must finish all Speed challenges with Golds.
Volkswagen W12 Coupe: You must finish all Time challenges with Golds.
Volkswagen W12 Roadster: You must finish all Hitch-Hiker driving missions.
Walmaealamae Haven of Peace: Discover all roads on the island and you will be given this house.

Patarimas: Easy Starting Cash

The easiest way to make money early in the game are the "Delivery Missions". Most of the early ones start out at $80,000. And if you can deliver the car in perfect condition you get a big bonus. Plus there is no time limit on these missions so you can take as long as you want to get from point A to point B. I made enough money from 6 - 8 delivery missions to buy a second house and 4 more cars and I still have around $200,000 to play with.

The added benefit to these missions is to force you to drive more and learn the various qualities of each road and track on the island. Experience with the game is no substitute for a huge bank balance!

Patarimas: Easy Starting Cash

There is a challenge at the South East corner of the island, which requires you to top 140 miles per hour on a winding road.

When the challenge starts, simply spin the car round (after making sure you pass the start line), and head to the road behind you. There's no finish line, so by turning left or right you're on a nice straight road where you can hit 140 in about 10 to 15 seconds, then just hit the A button to finish.

You make $10k for doing this, in less than 30 seconds, then can simply repeat to make some quick easy cash!

Patarimas: Easy Starting Cash

In the bottom right hand section of the island is a race called "170mph in heavy traffic". You can do this race over and over and get $15,000 every time.

When you become a champion, there is another race called "180mph in heavy traffic" in the middle of the map; the reward is $70,000 and again you can do this as many times as you want.

If you're driving a stage 3 Enzo, this race takes about 15 seconds, which means you'll have $1 million in about 10 minutes, so dont waste your time doing the millionaire's challenge anymore.

Patarimas: Easy Starting Cash

If you are a champion and own at Ford GT with a level 3 tune-up, you can enter the Ford "Ford day" Race to the left of the Honolulu Airport.

The Race gives you $75'000 every time you win, and the race only takes about a minute. So just restart every time you cross the finishline, and in about 10 minutes will have made $750'000.



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