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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess kodai:

Patarimas: Doing the Oocoo Time Warp Again

If you would like to save your game at a specific point in a dungeon, use Oocoo to teleport outside, then save. When you restart, you teleport inside the dungeon to the point where you exited rather than being forced to start at the beginning.

Patarimas: Enutrof Rellet

If you need a clue, read what the fortuneteller writes backwards.

Patarimas: Money Loop

In order to get infinite money in Lake Hylia, you have to play Falbi's Flight by Fowl Game. The first time you play, land on the rotating platform for 100 rupees. The next platform has a piece of heart. When you ask to get shot up to the house with cuccos (Falbi's Flight by Fowl), first, use to gale boomerang on the top of the house, make sure to hit the red/orange tiles on the cannon house.

This will net you a red rupee, worth 20 rupees. Then, once you are shot up, do not move to another platform and get to where you can see the wind direction rooster thing and hit it with the gale boomerang, you must z-target. An unskippable cut-scene will show that the chest on the rotating platform has been closed and once again filled with 100 rupees. You can also just save your game and restart for the chest to be refilled.

You can do this as many times as you like for rupees to buy the Magic Armor (598 rupees) and donate money to Malo Mart to fix the bridge and start a Castle Town Malo Mart Branch.

Patarimas: Hello THIEF

The bird that sells red potion and lantern oil in North Faron Forest can be bilked out of its money. Simply take your merchandise and leave. Doing so will cause the bird to attack Link. At least in Twilight Princess, Link will not die immediately when entering the shop.

Patarimas: Hylian Loach

To find the Hylian Loach, you need to fish at the fishing hole during the summer. You know it's summertime in the map, because the inside of the fishing hole's shop is summer-themed.

You need to have a frog lure or a sinking lure. Rent a canoe to fish from, but do not take the shopkeeper along since she will take away your cheat lure. The Hilian Loach is the rarest fish in Hyrule and is a whopping 33 inches.

Patarimas: Balloon Popping

At Lake Hylia, you can play a fruit balloon popping game as a wolf (speak to the bird near the lake cannon) for a heart piece.

Simply go for the 10K high score by popping only strawberry balloons and ignoring the other larger balloons in the way. You should be able to scrape by the 10K mark right before the end of the course.

Patarimas: Bird Killer

If you want to make some easy money while travelling Hyrule field, take down the flocks of birds. The Gale Boomerang and Z-Targeting lets you drag them close to be killed by a sword strike.



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