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Fast Attack kodai:

Perfect solution on plot screen:
Start the game with the fast /plotsoln command line.
Select a track on the plot screen and press [Alt] + [F5].
The exact solution will be displayed. Press the "Send"
option to use the solution.

View all objects:
Start the game with the fast /tedisplay command line.
Press [Alt] + ~ to activate the display. All ships,
aircraft, mines, weapons and their motion will appear.
Use the "Icon" bar buttons to exit the display.
Note: Do not view this screen while time is accelerated.
This will cause some missiles to miss.

End mission successfully:
Start the game with the fast /swsgod command line.
Although a failure message will appear at the end
of a mission that did not have the primary objectives
completed, the next mission may be played with no penalties

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