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Dungeon Keeper 1 kodai:

Multi-player mode vs. CPU:
Start the game with the "-1player" command
line parameter to play against the CPU in
multi-player mode.

Cheat mode:
Use the spell to transfer yourself into one
of your minions during a game in the dungeon.
Then while in the minion, press [F12] to display
the cheat menu. Use the mouse to highlight a cheat.

Alternatively, use the spell to transfer yourself
into one of your minions during a game in the
dungeon and press [F11]. If you entered the code
correctly, the screen will flash. To use a creature's
spells, press [Keypad Enter] and select a spell.
Additionally, press [Keypad Enter] at the main
screen during a game for another cheat menu.
Unlimited free creatures can be created by using
the "Place Creature Mode" option.

All creatures, buildings, and traps:

At the main menu, type "please give all".

Full moon bonus level:

Set the system date to any day on which a full
moon falls and begin a game. The bonus level is
designated by a flag that contains a circle.

Bonus Stage:

There are several bonus stages in Dungeon Keeper,
but one of them can be found without doing anything.
To access it, set your PC's date to any day with a
full moon then start the game. The bonus stage will
appear as a flag with a circle in it.

Get Everything:

At the main screen type please give all.
This code should give you All creatures, Buildings
and Traps when you start the game.

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