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Wonderland Secret Worlds kodai:

> Kodas:

In order to skip a level in any Wonderland game, enter the level you are having dificulties with, and press [CTRL]-[F9]. You'll complete the level (with a score of 1 - so you might wish to return at a later time to improve your highscore) and can move on to the next world. Please note that if your keyboard has an F-Lock key you might need to unlock your F-keys first.

Rainbow stars:

This will show you where can you find rainbow stars

- The Old windmill
- lost cave
- the secret cave
- lava outlet
- escape from the void
- lost wonderland mine
- secrets

* You have find 7at the foggy peak move right, pay 5 rainbow stars to unlock.

* You can find 6 more stars and unlock Stinker Rescue. (use F9 with Ctrl if you stuck).

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