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PokemonLake kodai:

> Patarimai:

Level Hints:

A wild Missingno level 13 appeared The pokemon you selected is Ralts level 8. What will you do? Wild Missingno used Surf and did 24 damage. Ralts fainted.
Note: It might take a while for the buttons to 'work' please do not press them many times. They do work! They might just need a few seconds!

Legendary Pokemon:

To get a legendary pokemon in pokemon lake:1st defeat the all gym leaders and then go to maps and then find legends.


Defeat all gym leader's and elite 4...then defeat the owner of pokemonlake. Them go to maps and u will be able to catch the legends.


Hello i wants tell a new cheat to get in map 6 first go map 1 than click on map 6 you will see many legends.

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