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Pippa Funnell - The Stud Farm Inheritance kodai:

> Patarimai:

Finding blacklock:

Hi. When i was playing Pippa Funnell i had a huge problem finding blacklock but all you have to do is follow the deep blue signs with trees on then go towards the gate and then towards the little white block by the side of the gate.then you type the code into the pad(You should have the code on a peice of paper you got from the telephone earlier) and enter his house.


To get the sheep in to the pen go to the top of the field where the mountains are and herd those 2 in and then the easiest ones will be at the top of the field

Trick for the quad bike:

Stop him once by going across the grass and stopping in the middle of the road.Estelle will say something.Go on until you can cut across him again and when your in jumping distance of the roads centre press space and esc together but space slightly before.This pauses the game but the horse keeps jumping. Click continue and youve stopped him again.It mightnt work the first time so keep trying!

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