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Pokemon Volcano kodai:

> Patarimai:


Get all the gym badges and then go in the grass or the water for a while until you find Manaphy.

Easter Egg - act temporaly with cloned pokemon:

Lose with the weaker pokemon and then choose one of the others and then won the battle look to ur party and u willhave 2 of the same pokemon

Pokemon that don't evolve:

U can pu the pokemon at level above that they evolve that they don't evolve even if u try to find something to evolve them. only avaliable for the first weeks of this games

Easter Egg - find arboks in the wild:

In the wild u have 15% of chances to see an arbok even at level 1

Pokemon easily:

First go to Renato then seach for pokemon n grain (#4) and you will always fight a diglet that has very low life but give a lot of exp, thanks to it my torterra is level 80 and my charizard is level 79.

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