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Wonderland Adventures kodai:

> Kodai:

If You Are Stuck In A Adventure and You Really Give Up, Press "Ctrl" + "5" and "F12" (On The Normal Pad Not The NumPad).
This Will Skip a Adventure.

Locations Guide:

WonderTown - The Main Town. It's Where Morklin And Key Characters Live. Also Where You Find The Orange and Indigo Shards.

Mushroom Grove - Where Mushrooms Grow and Also Where You Find The Red Shard.

Foggy Mountain - Where You Find The Blue Shard. Also Where You Learn Brr.

The Temple Ruins - Where You Find The Rainbow Pool. The Old Temple Of WonderLand.

Forbidden Forest - Where You Find The Green Shard. This Place Also Includes A Town, Forests End and The Lonely Top.

The Wasteland - Where You Find The Yellow Shard. It Is Also Home To Shadow Stinkers.

The Void - Where You Find The Purple Shard. The Is Where The Thwarts Lived. Now They Live In WonderTown.

Glove powers:

Gloves contain powers, each power is different.

Purple : 'Blink' transports you to the tile selected.
Yellow : 'Pop' hits buttons and sets off teleporters without standing on them!!!
Blue : 'Burr' freezes water and some objects temporarily.
Green : I forgot it's name but it grows plants that are sort of like an obstacle.
Orange : I forgot it's name too, but it allows you to use fireballs.

Magic Powers:

There Are Six Power in Wonderland series But Only 3 Powers Can Use In WA
- Blink , Is Like Xyzzy
- Pop , It's can pressing button anywhere
- Brr , It's make ice floating in water

There are 3 more power there are in WA MOFI
- Grow , Grow Plants for stop the transporter and press the button
- POW , Destroy monsters
- Floing , Make Bubble and Stop the missles for few seconds and move along it's path

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