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Westward 3 - Gold Rush kodai:

> Patarimai:

* Your hero will always heal after he/ she is knocked out.

* Make sure you always have enough gunslingers to defend your town.

* Dragging a Sheriff or Deputy to a Stable with a horse will upgrade the lawmen for a cost of 30 gold.

* Repair the pawn shop so you can purchase a health kit to stop your gunslinger from dying all the time.

* Most things will be explained in the tutorial.

* You use your mouse for all commands.

* On screen notifications make you aware what is needed at all times.

* Earthquake level to have more than 15 population build a sheriff.

* Some characters give bonuses while working at their favorite buildings.

* Damaged town buildings will lower your town’s happiness

Find the Mechanic:

You will need as many gunslingers, sheriff and deputies as you can put together. Post 3 guns at the top of the town where bandits keep coming from to stop them from getting close to the wood shack. Put the rest at the bottom where the other bandits come in. Later post at least 1 at the gold mine. A Meanwhile use the citizens to do the repairs and add a couple of citizens as well to make sure food is produced at top rates.
A Use the hero to gather resources laying around such as wood and gold.

White Rabbit for Micah:

You have to change all your farms to carrot and then bunny should appear in this area.

Black Horse:

The black horse appears randomly in a stable. If you want you can save the game before you build a stable. Then build a stable and if one does not appear, just go back to your previously saved game. Keep doing this until you get the black horse.

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