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TPPC Online RPG kodai:

> Patarimai:

Defeating the Baby Tower:

Change all of your pokemon's attacks to doublekick, then go to the battle towers then to baby tower and use this attack.

How to level pokemon faster:

Ok. go to where it says team stats. if you are a specialist than get a snorlax.
It costs 1000 points. Then get your super weak pokemon you want to train. Teach snorlax fireblast, crosschop, karatechop, and flamethrower. Have that weak pokemon first then switch it to snorlax in a battle against the mahogny gym.
Use fireblast on piloswine and crosschp on dewgong it will gain like 20 levels when you beat him! You will also get 4000 something dollars!

Beat opponents easyer:

Just make sure that at least one of your pokemon's moves is doublekick. It will hit 2 times or more every time!


To unlock legenderies:

Suicune - Tppc Legend.
Entai - Tppc Legend.
Raikou - Tppc legend.
Articuno - Get lots of team points.
Regiice - Tppc Legend or Unown tower.
Regirock - Tppc Legend or Unown tower.
Registeel - Tppc Legend or Unown tower.
Moltres - Get lots of team points.

Fraction points:

To get fraction points all u have to do is:

keep on battleing - Something is going to appear and tipe in the words it tells u to and you will get fraction points.

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