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Warfare 1917 kodai:

> Patarimai:

Easy kills:

1.If you are going to attack, fill up your bunker with assault guys. As soon as its full send out 1 more squad. as soon as they get in the bunker and start to get back out send out all of you men in the bunker with them.

2.(Another assault tip) If you are going to charge then wait and listen at the artillery you can usually Hear the Shells Falling. Run In between Shots.


If your enemy is coming out of there trench, fill your trench with riflemen, that way if they come up to you, you can kill them easily.


Put machine gunners get your trench full of them leave them their Until the enemy comes lower their morale and youll win!


The trick is that never put more than 1 squad in trench, or you may get hit by artillery, kill sniper by fire support or ur sniper. Just let them come, be patient and never let them get the last trench. Always Tank+Antitank Support, if you not sure how to combine infantry and tanks then just play tanks.


-First Lv, Send Three Riflemen squads into the first trench and leave them. Keep sending reinforcements every time you lose a squad. Destroy their morale.
Don't move forward.
-Second Lv, Fill the first trench with riflemen and send assault teams to take the trenches. When a trench is taken, send the riflemen to defend it.
-Third Lv, Fill the first trench with Lewis Gunners and leave them there.
Destroy their morale.

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