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Platform Racing 2 kodai:

> Patarimai:

How to get Bee Body, Propeller Hat, and Candy Head:

These items don't randomly be the race reward.

Candy Head - Do Candy Land against 3 players
Bee Body - Do Zerostar (after Candy Land) against 3 players
Propeller Hat - Do Hat Factory. No matter how many players your against
Bird body - Play the It's New York level against three players
Unicorn head - Play level 1 against three players
Football helmet - Go to soul temple with 4 people

Patarimas: Get Unicorn:

To get Unicorn head go on the very first level with 3 other players, to get bird body, go on "its new york" with 3 other players.

Patarimas: Yellow Blocks:

When u get to all the yellow push blocks go over and ther should b two on top push them to right till ends are touching dont push past or the other players can get past only do this if u r in the lead or close to it not if ur in last.


Make a account with the words bonus and hat in then go to any place and you will unlock the ability to fly with a cowboy hat note:you will be able to keep the hat.

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