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Top Spin 2 kodai:

> Patarimai:

Easier wins in career mode:

Have your career stats as follows:
Speed - 10
Focus - 10
Service - 8
Forehand - 10
Backhand - 10
Precision - 10
Power - 10

Easy win:

When first playing the game, the only button you ever find yourself using is the Safe Shot because it never goes out of bounds. It is never a risk, and always goes where you want. This button alone will not win you any tournaments, especially if you are up against people like Hewitt or Moya, and it can get a little repetitive.

Easy win:

The Top Spin is probably one of the most important shots in the game. If you use it wisely you will always come out on top. You must know exactly when and how to use it. This is where the attributes come in. Top Spin shots work especially well when the other player is on one side of the court and you want to place a shot into the other before he or she can get there. This is where Power, Focus and/or Precision comes in. If you have high Power attributes, your shot will be faster and will be hit harder into the corner. If you have a high Focus and/or Precision, chances are that the ball will be hit exactly where you want it to go.

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