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Spider-Man - Web of Shadows kodai:

Nauji kostiumai:

Complete any of the following to gain the costume.

Ben Reily - Finish 25 city events
Cosmic Spider-man - Finish Act 1
Spider-Carnage - Beat 500 enemies
Spider-man 2099 - Finish 50 city events
Armor Spider-man - Complete Act 2
Iron Spidey - Collect 150 Spider Tokens
Muscleman - venom costume

Completion bonus:

Successfully complete the game and allow it to auto-save after the credits. Load the cleared saved game file repeatedly until the game starts again with all your previously purchased moves and collectibles.
Note: Do not skip through the credits when starting your reloaded saved games.

New Game Plus:

After Beating the Game go to load and use the auto save and You will start back at the first with all your skills that you had when You beat it.

Spidey Icon locations:

Acquire 1,000 Spidey icons or reach level 10, and you'll see remaining Spidey icons you've yet to nab.

Wolverine's quiz:

When you first meet Wolverine, he will attack and you must fight him. He will ask a series of questions that must be answered correctly. Use the following responses to pass the quiz.

-Richard and Mary
-Ned Leeds
-A Mutant
-May Parker

Start New Game with Upgrades:

Finish the game and watch the credits. Pick continue and watch them again.
On the next continue, it should start the game again with everything you've gathered from the previous game. Don't skip any sequences.

Tokens On Your Radar:

Collect 1,000 Spider Tokensand they will show up as red dots on your radar.

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