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Wizard 101 kodai:

Pick your Wizard Type:

On the test part where you create your Wizard there should be a button somewhere called SKIP THE TEST and you you get to pick.

Well you know how dragons cost a lot of gold:

Well all you do is get like 300-360 gold.
*Go to the pet shop.
*Pick dragon.
*It cost like 850 gold.
*All you do is change the color to all white.
*It will be exactly 340.
*But you know some people dont like the color white.
*Doesnt matter buy the white.
*Go to the paint shop next doot.
*And paint your dragon a different color.
*Its like 240-320 gold thoe..
*But its better than paying 850-1800 right?

Hint: Cheaper piggles:

Piggles cost like 890 unless you change it all yellow its 309 so you can have it yellow or go to the paint shop and change it.

Hint: Easy Gold:

If you're in need of cash, then my suggestion is to get a friend to help you battle the harvest lord about 3-5 times. After that go to the shopping district and sell what you've earned but don't need. I recomend to get 3 friends to help you. Also make sure that they're at least level 9.


If you want to get 5,000,000 munny you need to be l.v 9 so do this go to the school of life and ask herif you are ready for a card and if she say yes then you get 5,000,000$, if she says no you have to start the game all over!

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