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Pirates of the Caribbean Online kodai:

> Patarimai:

Easy Kills:

If you need help getting your level up then go to port royal, then go to Fort Charles and go to the hanging station. There should be a grunt fromlevel 14-18 attack him and we won't attack back! But dont go off the platfrom or he will start to attack you and get veterans to help him!

Easy grenade experience:

Go to Misty Mire in Tortuga, and attack the giant crabs, big alligators, and huge alligators using only grenades. They will not attack back.


Go 2 tortugan boat place go 2 the wall keep running ur in.

Work at the bar:

In tortuga bar (faithel bride) go up 2 carver go all the way 2 the right keep running at the boared (may take a minaute) ur in there.

Sink ship at ease:

Grapple a flagship but dont board just sail off and no ships will shoot at you.
You can then sail around and sink ships at ease. But if you go to port you have to do this again.

Easy experience I:

Go to Port Royal. Go to Fort Charles then go to the hanging station. Attack the level 14 to 18 grunt and we will not retaliate, as long as you are on the platform.
If you step off the platform, he will start to attack and get veterans to help.

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