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Pandemic 2 kodai:


Pradėkite žaidimą kaip 'infection' ir įveskite "morethanacolditis" kaip vardą.

Infecting the world:

Use the following steps to infect the world.

-Be a virus
-Sell your only symptom.
-Wait awhile until you have accumulated about 60 evolution points, then buy as many resistances as possible. You do not need drug resistance.
-If you have the trait "Durable", do not buy the resistance level 2 for whatever one you have. If you do, the disease will spread out of control in your country and all the ports and airports will be shut down.
-Hope that Madagascar gets infected.
-Once the disease has infected the entire world you can buy the rest of the resistances.
-The world will be so overwhelmed that all the hospitals shut down and the vaccine will never be made within 2,000 days.
-Use your own cocktail of symptoms to kill the world (for example, sneezing depressed blind people).


-Get rid of fever.
-Invest in cold heat and moisture. Once you are leveled up, then invest
in water and air. Depending on your location, I have gotten away with
just using water.
-Wait. Once all countries are infected, (Madagascar is rough) then invest
in sickness.

Viruses reports:

VA-1-A through C
Aquired every area except Madagascar.

Aquired every area except Australia and Madagascar.

VA-3-A through B
Aquired Europe or America, neither both.

In VA_1 I used no symptoms but had full resistance. The vaccines failed
multiple times.
In VA-2 I used silent symptoms, low visibility. Full resistance however
vaccines were successful.

VA-3 i used whatever symptoms were at hand. I had half resistance and vaccines

PC Walkthrough:

I've tried this strategy several times, and it seems to USUALLY work for me, but occasionally, you might have to try again:

1) Pick Bacteria for your disease.
2) Sell any symptoms that you have.
3) Make the disease spread able by rodents and insects.
5) Wait for around 5-7 regions to become infected.
4) Buy the 1st level resistance on Drug, Moisture, Heat, and Cold.
5) Wait until all the rest of the regions become infected.
6) Buy whatever symptoms you like, but never buy any from tier 4 (they're not worth it--see tips).
7) You can add on any resistances you like, except for drug resistance. (see tips)
7) Sit back and watch as all of humanity dies from your epidemic.

-When buying your symptoms, I would recommend ones that are the least noticeable to
start off with (for example, kidney failure, fever, etc.)
-If Madagascar shuts down shipyards before it is infected, start over.
-Every time a new vaccine is being researched, buy 1 extra drug resistance level.

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