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Tribes 2 kodai:


The Homestead:

In Siege and CTF missions, your base is the key position, if you have a good base defense you can have every one on your team attack without worry.

The main problem with turrets is that you can“t place them to close to one another, thus turrets supporting turrets is hard to get.

-Land Spike
The basic turret, you can have four and they shoot hard, if the base only has one real eantrance then thats the plase to put them, make sure the turrets can se each other so they can support them, two or three hits from these turrets should knock “em.

-Spider Klamp
Ther spider klamp can be put on walls and roofs, place them high to get the plus in killing, just trust me!

What Role to Play:

Tribes 2 is a game where you are supposed to work as a team and with the help of your teammates, win the game. But during the fast and furious gaming on the net its hard to get orginized. But Tribes 2 is still a team game.
A team game doesn't mean you must attack all at once with syncronized plans and advanced tactics. A team game is "helping out" and "doing what you think is best for the team" knowing what you are good at is the only thing you need to know, do that thing and give it your best. If you can pilot do just that, is you are a good sniper, be one or bomber. Or maybe you're good at defending a post then do that, just remember to help out if someone needs help.

Turbo Grav Cover:

If you are running a bot game you will find it difficult to get any cover fire from your friend bots when piloting a bomber or transport. But if you get near to one and press "v" to bring up the speech box you can say "Cover me".
Now just get into a Turbo Grav and they will automatically become a tailgunner.

Flag Carriers:

Be carefull when carrying a flag when on stealth mode. The enemys can't see you but they will shoot at the flag.

Shielded Flag Carrier:

When making a break for the enemy flag do not underestimate the shields of the Mobile Base. You can drive right in, get the flag and drive out again without the shields even faltering.

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