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Tribal Wars kodai:

Pradedančiųjų gidas:

- Find a tribe! This is so important, especially as you advance in the game. You need a tribe to advance. End of. If you get to a decent amount of points, and you are not in a tribe, your easy pickings and the first choice if a player in a Tribe is looking for another village.

- Make friends with the people in your tribe. Any established tribe should have a forum. Use it, get to know the people your playing with. Have a chat, talk, it doesn't always have to be about the game though. Doing this means people will like you, they will be wanting to help you out when you're in trouble.

- Help others. If someone in your tribe needs help, and you can give that help, give it. Most players will remember it, and in the future will probably help you back when you need it.

- Know your neighbours. Monitor the people around you, see if they are taking village quickly - you could be next. If you like, mail them and ask what their intentions are. If possible recruit as many neighbours as you can to your tribe. You are less likely to be attacked if you are surrounded by fellow tribe members.

- Build resources first! When you start out, its best to build your resources up a few levels, after all, without them you can do nothing!

- Don't rush into nobling. Taking your first village is all well and good, but getting a noble and rushing straight for the first abandoned village you can find is not always the best method. Wait until your first village is in a good position, then think about nobling.

- If your world has paladins, use them! Paladins make your troops travel faster, so you can send your troops and a paladin to a village as support, then just recall the paladin - gets your troops there much faster.

- Get a decent defence up. At about 500 points its good to have around 400 sword at least. Especially if you are starting on a world that is already well established.

- Be diplomatic. Being abusive, argumentative or cocky will get you no-where. Being polite and helpful will earn you respect, and lessen the chances of someone taking a hit at you.

- Use the market. You will probably find that you have lots of Iron spare at first, try trade it on the market for wood or clay.

- Build lots of scouts. The sign of a weak player can be its lack of scouts.

- Read the forums - you'll get lots of good tips and ideas.

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