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Virtual Villagers 3 - The Secret City kodai:

Nesibaigiantis medus:

If one of your villagers likes to run, have that villager smoke the hive. By doing this, the bees will stay and you will have never-ending honey.


-- Make sure to plant your first seed right away (drop an adult villager - but not a nursing mom - on the seed near the lift). That seed may be a mango, papaya, or banana (random chance).

-- The lift is useful for placing an adult and being able find them in the same place a few seconds later. (i.e. for getting the couples you want for making babies.) Other places are the waterfalls and bath (when complete.) The villagers will stay in that location for several seconds before wandering off to work or play.

-- When your adults are collecting objects (keys, firewood, etc.), they may drop them if interrupted by a celebration or if you click on them. The item will then "warp" back to where it was found originally.

-- The (collectable) tablet pieces will start to appear near the rubble when the rubble clearing project has gotten started with at least 2%.

The six herbs (your villagers will "see" these herbs when you fly them over):
-- The Cactus is located just above the Science area.

-- The Black Orchid is on the edge of the grassy area below the orchard

-- The Rose is located on the right edge of the orchard, below the hanging thing

-- The Lotus is to the left of the stairs near the bath

-- The Tiger Lily is partway up the path to the door (orange flower on right)

-- The Berry (Magic) or Pitcher Plant (Nature) is located to the left of the alchemy lab, where the kids go when nature calls. These plants only appear when you have purchased Level 2 in your faction.

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