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Sherwood Dungeon kodai:

Quick Sand:

4 quicksand go to the end of the island then it'll keep
you from moving go back 2 steps. then go ford and sink man sink.

Note: This will count as a death and respawn u. Fore the easy slide glitch rapidly tap the up arrow (it looks like this ^ ).

Dark Overlord:

good rank - find charlieprince in either chatroom 45 or 1
recomendation - find and destroy a randome clan in chatroom 99
a frost overlord - go to the frost place
a water guard - your station is under the bridge if you get that
a castle guard - the best rank you can get in a war


To teleport type in these codes:

/teleport1 is sherwood castle
/teleport2 is haunted palm island
/teleport3 is frost bite island
/teleport4 is the water island
/teleport5 is ancient sherwood
/join1 takes you to chatroom 1, change the number to anything less than 100 to go to that chatroom
/level1 is dungeon level 1. change the number for a completley different dungeon.

Note: You must type in a number equal or less than your level when acsessing dungeons.

Dancing works:

Dance with the ring of 100% healing ,while in battle, with a sheild in one hand, and a power weapon in the other hand, and your healing time will double. If you use the amulet of speed while doing this, your healing time will be 10 fold.

Dungeon walls:

Ok go to a dungeon (any of them!) well this isn't excatly a code but if you scroll down while wlaking against a wall u can go thru it!

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