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The Witcher kodai:


Faster dice:

Hold the Right Mouse Button while playing dice. The game will be slightly faster and easier to play when you do not have to wait for the dice animation.

Infinite Talents:

When you gain a level, meditate and set your talent points as usual. After the meditation, go back to the Talents screen, and Right-click all of the Talents you just learned. You should hear a ringing sound, but no visual change.
You can now meditate again and have all the Talents again.

Unlimited talent distribution:

After you get new talents, meditate to distribute them. After you come out of meditation, go to the Hero panel and right-click on the enhancements you just used the talents on. You will hear the money sound, but no visible change. You can meditate again and have those talents back, and will still have the enhancements you had previously used the talents on.
Note: This can only be done in unpatched versions of the game.

Infinite Skill Points:

After meditating near a fireplace in order to allocate your skill points, head back to your skill tree and right click on skills currently allocated. A ringing sound should be heard. After closing the skill tree, go to the fireplace and meditate again. The skill will be allocated from the previous spent point(s), but the point(s) will also be ready to be spent again! This gives you infinite skill
points to spend at your leisure, but remember -- if this isn't done quickly, the points won't be given back to you to spend a second time (or more).

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