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Wildlife Tycoon - Venture Africa kodai:


Building a Second Ecosystem:

As your animal families grow, you will need to start a second ecosystem.
Use the map on the screen to locate a second watering hole. If the watering hole is dried up, use your jewels to purchase rain. You can completely fill a watering hole with three rainstorms. Once this second water source is established, you can drive a few of your animals to it.
Select an animal and guide it to the new watering hole or new food sources.
Once the animal finds the food and water, it will remember it and return to it on its own. It will also teach its offspring where to find food and water.
Try not to pick an animal that is to hungry or thirsty (they might not make it to the food and water)

Some species have a maximum number of animals that can live together. For example, lions have a maximum of four in one group. To meet a higher lion goal, you will need to establish a second or third watering hole with adequate food sources.

Click on the locations on the map to quickly zip between your watering holes.

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