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Sword Of The New World - Granado Espada kodai:


Defeating Dilos Latemn:

Use the following trick to defeat Dilos Latemn, the Al Quelt dungeon Boss, solo. Defeating this Boss is not easy, and is extremely difficult to take him on by yourself if you are a low level. However, it can be done. For anyone below level 25, this is how it is done. First, you must have a Scout to heal you. If you do not have one in your team, make one and level him or her up to a level where he or she can take a considerable amount of
damage before dying. Next, stock up to about five potions in case your healer is in trouble and may die. Go to the door in Al Quelt that leads to Dilos Latemn. Before going in, save a warp point here in the event you die.
Note: Warp Scrolls cost 500v. Make sure you have enough money for the return trip if you fail the mission. Once all of that is done, proceed through the door. Go across the platform, kill the three monsters in the center, then go at the entrance to the big room. You are under a timer to kill this Boss. Unfortunately, you are dealing with three Dilos Latemns.
Two of them are fake, and one of them is real. Your objective here is to kill the real one. Also, you must deal with the monsters inside. Because you are at the entrance, be patient and take your time.
Wait for one Dilos Latemn to become visible at the door. When one shows up and is close enough, send your entire attack force to attack it. When you are close enough, quickly click your healer and press [Space] to go into Patrol mode so he or she may heal your injured team members.
Use any high damaging skills to reduce the trouble of having more monsters attacking your team. When one is dead (if he is not the real one), retreat back to the entrance. Go back to Patrol mode and refresh your HP and SP.
Repeat this strategy. When the timer reaches about five or six minutes remaining, another Dilos Latemn will run for the entrance.

Note: Scouts will not automatically heal if they are equipped with a weapon. Make sure the Scout uses no weapons.

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