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The Impossible Quiz kodai:


1. Four
2. No but a tin can
3. K.O.
4. Click the word "The Answer".
5. Click and hold on the button while moving the pointer to the other button.
6. Shallots
7. An elephant
8. Underneath the "E" in "Search" is a check mark. That is the answer.
9. The top right answer that says "THAT ONE".
10. Click the dentures (the teeth).
11. N
12. Click the "I" in the word "Click"
13. F`taang
14. Torch
15. Spell out "HORSE"
16. H
17. Click the question number (17).
18. Click the hammer which refers to the song "Can`t Touch This" by MC Hammer; stop hammer time.
19. Blue, orange, green, green, yellow
20. Seal!
21. The upper left box.
22. + 1 skip
23. Bran
24. Click the "V" in the word "Lives" at the bottom.
25. Shoe polish
26. Arsefacey
27. Go to 28.
28. Abundance
29. Egg mayonnaise
30. Follow the white path or use the technique from #5.
31. Woof. Woof. Woof.
32. Babycham and human feces
33. 7
34. Move the pointer to the far left of the mouse with the sign until elephants walk across the screen.
35. Wait until a new button appears then click it.
36. A walk.
37. You cannot get it wrong, select whichever you desire.
38. Mary Rose.
39. Cylindrical Adventurous
40. Click the first button and hold the button down, then move the mouse to the next button.
41. Click the afro.
42. The 42 on the bottom row that is also the 42nd 42 (this one 42) 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42
43. Tom Cruise
44. Click the 44 and move it so that you can see a piece of the puzzle that does not move. Then click the middle of the "O" on that piece.
45. The top right box.
46. omgf u kills sonikku u ------
47. Click the red dot.
48. Snaaaake!
49. Splaap-me-do
50. O.K.
51. Click one of the two guys.
52. The third one is the carrot.
53. ...but Pa might not.
54. No, about 20cm off the ground.
55. A game console built for _____ (the top right one).
56. Click the buttons in order blue, red, blue, yellow.
57. erm... one?
58. Shepherd`s pie
59. Click the black face repeatedly and quickly. If the bomb blows up it is game over.
60. Answer honestly. If you every missed it, say "No...". If you actually got it on the first try, click "Yes".
61. Click the thumbs up (top left box).
62. Click the grass looking stuff.
63. Tasteless white filth
64. egg > 28
65. Click the word "Largest"
66. I have no idea!!!

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