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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow Of Chernobyl kodai:


Žaidimo metu paspauskite ~ ir konsolėje įveskite sekančius kodus:

help - List console commands
g_always_run 1 - Activates the permanent running
g_always_run 0 - Toggle permanent running

Papildomas turinys:

Nueikite į žaidimo folderį ir paleiskite "setup-bp.exe" failą.
Pasirinkite kalbą, tada įveskite "pseudodog" ir "snork" kaip kodus.

pseudodog - Multiplayer map Pool, UK and US military multiplayer skins

snork - Multiplayer map Dark Valley, French and German military multiplayer skins.


Kosteyer Grenade Launcher Attachment :

Find a grenade launcher attachment for the AKM 74/2 in the Dark Valley's secret lab.
It is on the first level of the lab, in one of the many, many lockers in the locker room.

M203 Grenade Launcher Attachment:

Find this grenade launcher attachment early and easy in the Rostok Wilderness. Right after you go past the building with the four snipers, there will be a sniper in a tower on your right and a garage building where a truck crashed into it on your left.
Explore the garage building and you will find a stash box past some scorcher anomalies with the launcher and ammunition.

Ammo and Armor:

Up the road outside the village where the Trader is a Box Car with two crates in it.
Inside the crates is some ammo and another armor suit.

Barrels of Fun:

If you shoot an NPC in the game, he and his faction will open fire on you. However, you can use the red explosive barrels to kill them and it will not count as a "source of damage" against your character.
You can try this against some of the Freedom NPCs in the Army Warehouses who are standing next to what amounts to a giant bomb that only needs your gunfire to detonate.
In fact, if you have the patience to locate red explosive barrels in pacified areas, you can use this exploit to bag a lot of items and loot.

Make the Dead More Useful Than Radioactive Fertilizer:

Normally, you can only carry 50 kliograms of weight, which pretty much you can lug around several hundred rounds of ammunition, the weapons that fire the ammo, armor, grenades, etc.
However, you should notice you can load all of those items on a human dead body (not animals or mutants), and simply use the SHIFT + USE function to drag the corpse along with you. This way, you can load a corpse with any number of items and move them from
one location to another.
Since you cannot attack while dragging a corpse, you may only want to use this "one slow trip" when in a situation that has left very few enemies on the map.
Additionally, you cannot take a dead body from one place to another (meaning all this must take place on the same map). Items on dead bodies also randomize once you switch maps, so never leave items you want to keep on a dead body, or you lose them forever when you go to another place.

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