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Toontown kodai:


Go behind house:

At your toon's estate, take your wardrobe and turn it around so it
faces the wall. Put it next to the wall then enter the back of the
wardrobe. You should go through the wall. Note: Do not put it next
to the wall dividing the front room from the back room.

Polar toon:

Go to the Brrrrrgh and go down Polar Place. Look for a store called
"Hibernation Vacations". Go inside and walk up to the clerk. Use the
Speedchat Phrase "Howdy!". Your toon will become large and colorless for as long as you are in the Brrrrgh, or until you sign out.

Go through wall:

Occasionally while racing at Goofy Speedway in Corkscrew Colosseum or Screwball Stadium, just after you hit the Turbo (red arrows on track) and you hit the wall. your cart will go through it.

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