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ISketch kodai:


Įveskite sekančius kodus Chat lange:

Say goodbye to a player - /bye
Boot player - /kick
Kiss player - /kiss
Hug player - /hug
Greet player - /greet
Clap at player - /clap
Flirt with player - /flirt
Invite player to room) - /invite
Laugh at player - /laugh
Allow indicated player to be able to kick other players - /op
CPU makes your name into initials to stand for something - /borg
Message other people when they are not in the room - /msg
Say something about you in a certain way - /me
Start a private message to desired player - /query
Select all the players and do any random thing - /users
find the player and see which room they are in - /find
Sends a private message to any connected user - /msg
Tells you what room (if any) a user is in - /find
Same as clicking "Auto Skip" - /away
Lists drawing queue in the current room - /draworder
Display room description as shown - /rr
Mute a specific user - /ignore
Display local time of a player - /time
Show how fast your network connection is - /ping
Go directly to another room - /join
Sends you back to the room you were previously in - /back
Remove all text from the chat windows - /clear
Show the profile of a user - /profile
Accept an invitation and join that room - /accept
Show the room settings - /param
Show how much time you have spent on iSketch - /stats
Add a name to look out for - /notify
Join a team; name can be a maximum of three letters - /team
List current teams in the room - /teams
Slap someone - /slap
Tell you how many players in total there are online - /usercount

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