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Sitting Ducks kodai:

Lengvi pinigai:

Use the following trick to get ten feathers at a time.
When you have reached East and West Ducktown, go to West Ducktown.
Go to the school or swimming pool. Look around and you will see
some ducks playing with a ball. If you have teeth or an alligator
mask, put them on so that the other ducks will run away and not
take the ball. The ball will have a blue and white pattern on it.
If you are at the school, take their ball to the swimming pool;
or if you are at the swimming pool, take their ball to the school.
Once you have both balls, take one ball, find the other ball, and
push them together. The two balls will turn into a new patterned
ball. When you score, instead of getting five feathers, you will
now get ten. Beware; if you hit the ball too hard it will separate
into two balls again. If this happens, just take one to the other
and push them together again. It is faster to make money if you
take the swimming pool ball to the school yard, but it will work
at the pool also if you prefer to play water polo over soccer.

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