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Singles 2 - Triple Trouble kodai:

Extra Money:

Firstly goto the properties of the following file C:Program
FilesSingles2configgame.cfg and take out the read-only attribute
Then edit the file in notepad.

Search for the following field "moneystart" remove the amount for the backyard, apartment or the penthouse to read 999999999 save the file then edit the properties and make the file read-only again.

Unlock all modes:

Search moneystart then, scroll down and look for BackyardEnabled = false, ApartmentEnabled = true, PenthouseEnabled = false change the false for true and you are set

Uncensored version:

Search for pixelation then, make sure that pixelate = true and that
fullPixelation = false this works for the international game,
I don't know for the others

There is still a lot of modifications possible in game.cfg such as
changing time for different things


First of all, play a game and save it, then quit the game.
Open the "savegameX_Apartment.dat" file in notepad if the character
you want to edit lives in an apartment or savegameX_Penthouse if he
lives in a penthouse and so long (X is the saved game you want to edit e.g.
savegame3_Apartment.dat check the screenshot to be sure) You can find the file in the "\savegame" folder where the singles game is located.
Now search for skillpoints, when you find it change its value to 30
search again and change it to 30. Do that until there is no more skillpoints entries. This is to be improved but for now, it does the job.
Now run the game open your saved game and spend your new skillpoints!

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