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Railroad Tycoon 2 kodai:


While playing a game, press TAB key and a green curser should appear at the bottom of the screen. When it does type in the following codes:

Viagra - this will make your cities grow.
Powerball - Adds 100k to your money
Slush Fund - Adds 1 million to your money
Show me the Trains - Gives you all the trains
BigfootGold - Victory for a Scenarios
Bigfoot - Victory for a Scenario again
BigfootSilver - win with silver victory.
BigfootBronze - win with bronze victory.
BoBo - lose scenario.
King of the hill - gives your character $100,000.
Let me in - gives access to all denied territories.
Speed Racer - doubles maximum train speeds.
AMD103 - converts all engines to AMD-103's
Casey Jones - Competitor's train's crash
Overtime - Doubles industrial center output
Cattle futures - $1 million for player c
Powerball - gives company $100 million.

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