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Tzar - Burden of the Crown kodai:

Paspauskit ENTER ir įveskit:

hmnofog - removes the fog of war
hmreveal - reveals the map
hmspawn [class name] - spawns an object of specified class
hmdvaleva - gives the player 10000 of each resource
hmpetleva - gives the player 50000 of each resource
hmbuildozer - toggles instant build
hmnotech - enables/shows all greyed/hidden technology buttons
hmkingdom [number] - changes the kingdom of the selected units/buildings
hmnopop - sets population limit to 1000
hmgod - makes selected units invulnerable
hmtime [hour] - sets the game time
hmhunt - kills all animals on map
hmusurp - player can command the selected units/ buildings regardless of their owner
hmprettypleasewithsugarontop - enables cheats in multiplayer game (all the players should enter it)
hmnext - opens next map when playing campaign
hmischeater - did the player cheat
hmcalc [expression] - calculate the expression
hmresign - player resigns

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