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Tomb Raider - The Lost Artifact kodai:


In Highland Fling, you'll need to take a mud bath at
one point. Jump to the standing pillar and wade from

Willard's Lair holds a lot of timed jump puzzles, so
save often. Also, this lair is pretty old and unstable,
so watch for falling rocks.

The ventilation gratings in Shakespeare Cliff are really
fragile, and they don't like gunfire.

Also in the Cliff, don't jump to the grating with the
drill behind it until the gates are open, otherwise you'll
plummet to your death.

Watch your oxygen gauge in Sleeping With the Fishes. It's
easy to lose track of how long you've been underwater.

Open one valve at a time in Fishes. It's much easier to
take care of one fish at a time. You won't need harpoons
to kill them if you can lure them near a place where they'll surface.

If you're having difficulty opening the first grating in It's a Madhouse, try shedding some light on the problem.

Three keys are necessary in the Madhouse, and monkeys are near two of them. Don't let the one in the wooden walkway room get away.

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