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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 kodai:


Tiger Woods offers the easiest mouse-movement swing
in the business. To make it even easier, go to the
Windows Control Panel, crank your pointer speed to the
max, and get set to knock the stuffing out of that
defenseless dimpled ball. Go back to the Control Panel
and decrease the pointer speed before you hit your
approach shots, chips, and putts.

When you hit for extra power and therefore go past 12
o'clock on the three-click gauge, it is far more crucial
to hit the 6 o'clock "snap" point with absolute accuracy.
Since nailing that 6 o'clock mark is far from easy, it is
advisable to pick a harder-hitting club and "take something
off the swing," perhaps clicking at the 11 o'clock mark

Make use of the manually scrollable camera to prepare for
hard-to-see shots. Simply grab the camera icon that sits on
top of the overhead hole view and move it. As you scroll about,
your main view will change to reflect the new camera position.

Check out the lay of the land before accepting the often
erroneous default placement of the aiming marker. Failure
to do so may well result in your ball traveling dozens of
yards off course, even when struck dead on.

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