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Star Wars - Galactic Battlegrounds kodai:


Cheat codes may be used in single player at any time,
and in multiplayer if cheats are enabled.
To enter a cheat code, press type the code, and
press again.
Listed below are all the known cheats.

skywalker - win scenario/Skip level
tarkin - win scenario
forcecarbon - get 1000 carbon
forcefood - get 1000 food
forcenova - get 1000 nova
forceore - get 1000 ore
forcebuild - allows actions such as building,trainging
units, research, and resource gathering to be completed instantly
forceboat - creates invisible naval ship, press comma
[ , ] (idle military key) to select it (mouse must be over water to work)
forcesight - removes fog of war
Forceexplore - Reveal Map (Hint: Fog of War remains)

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