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The Simpsons - Hit And Run kodai:


New Year's theme:

Set the system date to January 1st to see various things in the game

change to a New Year's theme.

Halloween theme:

Set the system date to October 31st to see various things in the game

change to a Halloween theme.

Thanksgiving theme:

Set the system date to the last hursday in November to see various

things in the game change to a Thanksgiving theme.

Christmas theme:

Set the system date to December 25th to see various things in the game

change to a Christmas theme.

Itchy and Scratchy cartoon:

Collect all cards in the game then go to Lisa's level. Go to the Android's

Dungeon. Talk to the Comic Book Guy and buy a ticket for the cartoon.

Then, go to the Aztec Theater to watch the cartoon.


Ride an ATV or Quad:

You can find an ATV or Quad to ride at the trailer park in Homer's and

Marge's levels. It is between two trailers at the far end. In Marge's

level, go to the trailer park short cut then go near the end of it.

You will see a card floating on the top of the trailer. Go on the left

side of it and you will see a blue ATV. Note: You can also ride the

monorail in Apu's level.

Drive a monster truck:

When on Apu's level, you can get a monster truck, Go to Springfield Stadium.

Directly next to the fountain is a green monster truck.

Drive Nightboat:

When playing as Lisa, drive any car to the pier and look for the huge

oil tanker with a Globex sign on one side with a jump in front of it.

Jump through the Globex sign and drive to the top. Do not drive off.

Park your car next to the little gap/walkway on the left. Hop out and

run up to the first set of crates. Hop up to the very top and shimmy

around the ledge. Inside the top crate is the Nightboat.

Drive pink Cadillac:

On level 6 with Bart, drive to Planet Hype (right at the beginning of the

docks, there is a revolving planet there) and go on the roof. The Pink

Cadillac is crashed into the front of the building in a little slot

(facing the Squidport sign). Fall off the front of Planet Hype, land on

the Cadillac, get in, and drive it.

Drive RC car:

On the final level as Homer, drive to where the firetruck is a long ramp.

As you jump off it, look off to the side. You will see a little car with

an antenna. Slowly drive up past where the truck attaches to the ladder/

ramp then drive fast towards the building with mildew under the roof.

You could also climb up the other firetruck that is in the wreckage next

to the building. Jump on the ladder, then go up to the top of the firetruck.

Next, go over the side of the roof with the horizontal wood, then to the

top of the roof with the RC car.

Drive a rocket car:

In Homer's first level, drive to the power plant at the back of the town.

Then, drive through the power plant. Once you reach the end, keep going

along the road and on the left, in front of one of the big houses, you

will find a blue and white rocket car that you can drive around.

Multi-player racing game:

Collect all the cards in one level to unlock the multi-player racing

mini game.

Easy money:

Get the rocket car in front of one of the mansions. After you drive

around and it gets destroyed, make sure you remember where you left it.

Then, look for one of the wrenches and get it while out of a car.

The rocket car will now return. You can smash it again and keep getting

money as many times as desired. Look for Buzz Cola boxes and Wasp cameras

and destroy them. You will get about 30 coins from each of them.

Decrease Hit and Run meter:

When you are almost going to activate the Hit And Run, get out of your

car and borrow the first car you can find. Do not not drive one from the

telephone. Then, quickly get out and enter your car again. The Hit And

Run meter will reach zero.

Get a ride:

Go to any level (Homer's first level recommended). Stand in the middle

of the road and when a car appears, jump onto its hood then jump again

onto the roof. It will take you all around the district.

Smoking tires:

To have a very fast car, hold down the [Gas] + [Reverse] + [Brake] until

the smoke turns black and you see flames on bottom of your tires.

This can only be done with some cars. Release everything except [Gas]

and you should go very fast.

Seriously damaged car:

On Homer's final levels, drive the 70's car to the yellow bridge that

reads "Evergreen Terrace and Power Plant". Speed out of the cemetery,

drive onto the bridge, and ram the car into the railings on the right-hand

side the bridge to get them merged into each other> Get out from the car

and watch it fall. If it does not fall, push it. Make sure it falls directly

next to the bridge. It will then appear from the purple water.

Merge through the road completely damaged almost exploded.

Alternate character reactions:

When you buy different costumes, in each level the character you select

will react differently when you allow him or her to remain idle.

For example, choosing Bartman will have Bart jump up and fly around for a few seconds.

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