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WCW/Nitro kodai:


Press button (T) when your opponant
fall out side the ring . you will win the match easily

Enable all Wrestlers:

Evade 4 times
Block 4 times
Tag 4 times
Taunt 4 times
Then press
Help 1 time

You should here a selection sound in the background
that lets you know it was done correctly

Enable All Rings:

Block, Taunt, Evade, Tag/Focus, Block, Taunt,
Evade, Tag/Focus

Then, enter the options menu and change the ring to
access the Disco, Texas, Reck Room, 1984, Hive, and
other selections.
Note: In the Disco ring, throw your opponent out of the
ring and keep pressing Taunt .Your wrestler will do the
YMCA dance and your opponent can not re-enter the ring.

Swelling head:

Press [Space] seven times followed by TH at the
"Select Mode" screen.

Hidden music:

Use an audio CD player to play track 5 for a instrumental
rock song or track 6 for a disco song.

Big Head Mode:

Type in V (7 times) then QH on the select mode screen

Skip Ring:

At the options menu press VQVQ. Now the ring will change
each time H is pressed

Select Ring:

At the main menu press SPACEBAR TV, Q (4 times) then
press H at the main menu

Big Hands, Feet and Heads:

Type Q (7 times) then VH at the select mode screen

Instant Win:

After you highlight a wrestler on the character selection

Secret Rings:

At the Main Menu, press SPACE, T, V, Q, SPACE, T, V, Q,
and H. Now you have the secret rings.

Extra Rings:

At the title screen press Space, TVQ, Space,
TVQ, Space, TVQ, Space, TVQH. You must have a
3D accelerator to use this code.


While playing in the Disco ring, throw your opponent out
of the ring. Hit T and the wrestlers will do the YMCA.
If you do it long enough, the wrestler will get counted
out and you will win!

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