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Vampire - The Masquerade Redemption kodai:

Use the command line parameter -console to start the game.
Example C:\Vampire\vampire.exe -console

Now during the game press ~ to get the console then type in
one of the following command:

xp [number] - where number is the amount of xp you want.
revive - Heal, awaken, fill blood of selected character
cash [number] - Add money to party
addalldisciplines - Get +2 ranks in all disciplines
addthing [item] - Get named item
freecasting - no blood required to use disciplines
god 1 - god mode for christof (god 0 - disable god mode OR god 2 is god mode for all. You have to switch wile typing god 2)
freeammo - Unlimited ammo
dropcashh [number] - Drop moneyy
ai - Enemy AI gone
killme - You are dead for good
vault - Get personal vault anywhere
pack - Inventory sorted
poisonme - Get poisoned
freeze - Body frozen but may travel
shapeshift [creature] - Change to creature
shapeshift - change back
totals - scene info.
framerate 1 or framerate 0 - 1 enables display, 0 hides
whereis - stats on location
stakeme - Get staked
endgame - Get ending credits
resume - resume game
pause - pause game
maxfps [framerate] - Set max framerate
diseaseme - Get diseased
damageme - Get damage
frenzyme - Get frenzied
emit [attack number] - Attack emitted from character's feet

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