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Rune kodai:

Stealing Valuables:

In this game you play as Ragnar, the powerful warrior. As you begin your game you aren't provided with any weapon. Now, go back the deep you may see a red peach eat it to fill your health. There you will see man in a boat he will speak some rubbish. Near that boat lays a wooden shield pick it up. In that village you may encounter many NPC's(Non-Playable Character) giving instructions. Just go near them and search for any weapon they have (going on trying you will surely get a very good weapon). The Wooden shield now you have is the best weapon found in that village so carry it and prepare for a fight with your mate who tests you whether you are capable for being a warrior. Before entering his cabin room you may find many weapons except the shield. But you already have one. Now get inside the room and thrash him in order to continue your quest. If more doubts persists, Mail me.

A Smart Viking:

Different creatures in the Rune universe will fight with each other. Waiting to take care of the remaining enemies makes Ragnar's job a little easier.


Don't waste your Rune powers on lesser enemies.

You don't always need to kill enemies personally.
Examine the environment there are often ways to
dispatch them without engaging them directly.

When fighting large groups of enemies, always stay
on the move and try to hit them from behind.


Bring up the console with the ~ (tilde) key
or the engine command line with the TAB key
and type:

CHEATPLEASE - Enable Cheat Mode
GOD - God Mode
GHOST - No Clipping
FLY - Fly Mode
WALK - Ghost/Fly Mode Off
SUMMON [ITEM] - Summon Item (See List Below)
OPEN [MAPNAME] - Jump to Level [MAPNAME]
SWITCHCOOPLEVEL [MAPNAME] - Jump to Level with Items Already Acquired
BEHINDVIEW 0 - First Person View
PLAYERSONLY - Pauses All Non-Player Characters
KILLPAWNS - Kill All Enemies
TOGGLEFULLSCREEN - Full-Screen Mode On/Off
PREFERENCES - Advanced Options

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