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Return Fire 2 kodai:

Paspauskit ~, ir konsolėje įveskit:

ammo! - unlimited ammo
carrier! - impervious carrier
fuel! - unlimited fuel
god! - Godmode/Invulunerbility
guns! - machine guns are off
sams! - sam launchers are off
turrets! - turrets are off
vehicles! - unlimited vehicles

Map select:

Display the map selection screen. Then click on the
following four bolts (in order) on the box in the
top right that displays your name: top-left, top-right,
bottom-left, bottom-right. Now press the cursor keys
to select a new map.

Easter egg shrapnel:

While playing a game, press ~ to display the command line
and type "easter!". Then, all destroyed objects will create
Easter eggs instead of shrapnel.

Suicide jeep:

While in the command bunker, press ~ to display the command
line and type "fubar!". Then, a jeep armed with a 1000 pound
bomb will be created. A single hit on this vehicle will cause it to explode. Note: points, ranks and medals are disabled while this code is in effect.

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