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Resident Evil 3 - Nemesis kodai:

Have all Epilogues with the first time play:

Open your savegame under hard mode, go to address 2216 , change it to 08
and saved, then play to finish the game. At the end ,waiting for the Epilogue
appear but it won't. Now open the Epilogues you will see all 8 Epilogues.

Play RE3 with the least modes and real times:

First, play the game under hard mode and save your game at the Warehouse,
then edit your savegame with hex editor. Goto address 02434, it's the first
space of item box (the trunk), add your favorite weapons (Recommend rocket
luncher 0A FA 0F) and with these items:

lighter with oil 43 01
Jill's starcard 2F 01
green gem 44 01
blue gem 45 01
fuse 34 01
power cable 33 01
mixed oil 3A 01
clock t.key 77 01
chronos key 79 01
chronos gear 4E 01
park key 7D 01
card key 60 01

Then play game:
Take the Warehouse key to open the door, bring lighter, rockket luncher and
Jill's starcard together. Find the door that you have to use "lighter with
oil" to open it, you don't need to save Brad.

If you edit the lockpick to open the Galery door without go into the police
station your game is end you have to go into RPD to get the lockpick.
Leave the police station, open Galery's door by lockpick, continue run to
the room have item box. Next bring green gem, blue gem, fuse, power cable,
mixed oil and find way to Raccoon City Hall put 2 gems to the clock.
Then go to the train, you only get in the train by the second door, don't
use 3 next item at this time. Turn right to visit Nikolai, Mikhail and Carlos
first, if not the game will be hung, then turn back and now you can use your
item to make the train work.

After the train is broken, if you choost jump out the window, you will find
the clock t.key after the picture. Open the item box at the next room to
bring another clock t.key and chronos key. Go to the bookroom, unlock the
green door but don't get in, go into the darkred door to the hall. If you
choost use the break, you should run into the small door, then turn left to
the chapel to get clock t.key and chronos key. Go to the bookroom to unlock
the greendoor and don't get in, turn back hall, go to the upstairs to Clock
Tower.Use lock t.key to pulldown the ladder, climb up then turn left to the
music box, open it with mode: up, down, up, up, down, up to get Chronos chain.
Combine them, then go down the ladder to the door, Nemesis will go in, kill
him and turn back Clock Tower, open Item box to get chronos gear, put it in
the machine,go down the hall.

And from now you play with Carlos, if you want to finish the game with
Jill you have to go to the hospital to find vaccine and bring it back for
her, don't edit it because you can't use it without breakdown the hospital.
If you want to finish the game with Carlos, edit for him from address 2574
(the first space of Carlos's item box) these items:

park key 7B 01
park key 7D 01
Card key 60 01

Bring all them and then go to the park, turn right to the factory.
On your way you will meet Nemesis again and choost "Put him off", you
will go to the Factory.At your right side, there is a door near the bom,
use your card key to open it. Go to the control room and go down the ladder.
Now finish the game with your best weapon. Good luck

How to get S.T.A.R.S card fast:

when you see monster 1st time kill him and then look at Brad's body.
here you can find S.T.A.R.S card .or you can go to RPD and then go
to school room and get another S.T.A.R.S card as named Jill !


When you first time complete RE3 you will unlock
the Mercenary mode. Go to the Merc. mode and win
as mutch money possible.
By Assault Rifle and the Granage Launcher.
Then Play RE3 at hard mode. Kill Nemesis 2 times to get
parts for Eagle 6.0, the 3th time you kill him you'll get
health pack. Finaly when you kill him the 4th and 5th time
you will get parts for "western shotgun". It's mutch more
easier and faster to use than regular shatgun, and it is
stronger. It uses regular shotgun bullets. Enjoy!

New method for mixing ammo:

Now you've not need to always mix ammo with reloading
tool anymore you can also try to mix ammo with simple
grenade rounds the greatest advantage is that you can
also use the grenade rounds in grenade launcher simply
when one grenade round left in the grenade launcher
combine the grenade launcher with any kind of grenade
rounds. exp (Flame,Freeze or Acid). You'll got one
grenade round in a gray box then mix it as the following.
(The word r = reloading tool and g = grenade rounds)

Note: You can not creat shot gun shells, Handgun bullets,
Magnum rounds or simple grenade rounds

A + B - Powder C
A + G - 6 Flame Rounds
AA + G - 12 Flame Rounds
AAA + G - 18 Flame Rounds
B + G - 6 Acid Rounds
BB + G - 12 Acid Rounds
BBB + G - 18 Acid Rounds
C + G - 6 Freeze Rounds
CC + G - 12 Freeze Rounds
CCC + G - 18 Freeze Rounds

Play as Carlos to the end the game:

After Jill is infected by virus. You will play as Carlos.
You can edit the savegame and give Carlos lockpick so that
he can open the door in front of hospital and play the rest
of game as Carlos. Though I couldn't finish the game because
it crashed after Carlos fight with nemesis in dispose room,
still it's worth to try, watch him talk with Jill's voice and
he is sooo feminin. And maybe you are more luckily than me and
can finish the game.

Cheat Resident Evil 3:

Actually you can also cheat the items at the beginning of the
game. You must edit the file "ResidentEvil3.exe" and go to
address 12A08C for hard mode Jill's items, 12A0A0 for hard
mode Carlos's items, 12A0B4 for easy mode Jill's items, and
12A0CC for easy mode Carlos's items.


Mercenary mode:

Successfully complete the game one time to unlock mercenary
mode and save the "Next Game" file. Start a new game, choose
that saved game, then select mercenary mode. This mode
involves controlling Carlos, Mikhal, or Nikoli from the
train to the starting room with a two minute timer. Killing
the various opponents and rescuing civilians during the
journey will add more time to the clock. A rank and money
will be awarded after the game is completed. The money can
be used to purchase better weapons for the next mercenary
mode game.

Alternate costumes:

Successfully complete the game under the easy difficulty
setting with any rank better than F to unlock Jill's costume
from the original Resident Evil and Regina's costume from Dino
Crisis. To unlock three additional costumes, successfully
complete the game under the hard difficulty setting with a
rank of A. This will unlock police miniskirt, disco, and
biker costumes.


Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting
to unlock Epilogues. Epilogues are a short diary description of
each character in the entire Resident Evil series which describes
what happened with that specific person after their adventure.
Getting better ratings can unlock the other epilogues. There are
eight total Epilogues that can be unlocked.

Enhanced Weapons/Ammo:

You can only create enhanced ammo while playing under the hard difficulty setting. When creating ammo with the reloading tool, save enough gunpowder to mix up the same type of ammo eight times.
On the eighth time, the game will prompt "Do you want to create the enhanced ammo?". Select "Yes". This ammo is more powerful, may have slightly different effects, and once loaded into a weapon will change it into an "enhanced weapon". You can only create two types
of enhanced ammo: 9mm handgun bullets and shot gun shells.
The only different effects the new bullets have is that they are
far more powerful.

Fighting Nemesis:

The Nemesis is left-handed and uses that hand to grab you. When fighting him, shoot him two times and run past his right side. Shoot twice and repeat the process. Note: This only works when he does not have his Rocket Launcher and if you are using the handgun.

Destroy Nemesis' Rocket Launcher:

This trick requires a large number of health items and first aid sprays. When you fight the Nemesis with the Rocket Launcher, aim up. If he targets you, run and try to make him waste ammunition. After four to seven shots from him, he will reload, but the rocket launcher will turn red and explode.

Mine Thrower with tracking, enhanced shots:

Either get $9999 in Mercenary mode and buy unlimited ammunition
or use the infinite ammo kit obtained from Nemesis on the Mine
Thrower. The Mine Thrower will have tracking bullets which will
show the directions to the zombies.

Unlimited money and time in mercenaries mode:

Get to the alley that has three dogs and a crate. Kill two of the dogs get on the crate. Continuously dodge the remaining dog for a time and money bonus for dodging.

Saving A.R. ammunition:

When you are low on ammunition, go to a nearby
storage system and take out A.S. rounds. Combine
it with the A.R. and put the rounds back into storage.
You will be restored and still have space for more items.

Saving shotgun ammunition:

Wait for a zombie to get close, then aim up and you
will shoot him in the head, killing him with one shot.

Fighting Nemesis:

The Nemesis is left-handed and uses that hand to grab
you. When fighting him, shoot him two times and run
past his right side. Shoot twice and repeat the process.
Note: This only works when he does not have his Rocket
Launcher and if you are using the handgun.

STI Eagle handgun:

Kill Nemesis two times under the hard difficulty
setting to get the two parts for it. Combine them
to get the STI Eagle handgun.

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