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Re-Volt kodai:


The user should enter these codes on the name wheel.
Once entered they can return to the wheel and input
their proper name and the cheat will remain.

carnival - All Cars
sadist - Select Weapons in Game with Right Shift
tracker - All Tracks
changeling - Change Car During Mid-Race
makeitgood - Activated In-Game Editors
tvtime - Enables F5 and F6 Cameras
drinkme - Small Cars
urco - UFO Selectable
mortal ricnik - fly in ufo and all weapens enabeld

Unlock Clock Carnage mode:

To unlock Clock Carnage Mode, obtain all the stars
in the Stunt Arena Mode


Watch out for the AI:

Watch out for the AI, especially if you are in first place.
The car in last place has a tendency to wait for you and
spoil your lead.

Time Trial modes:

Use the Practice and Time Trial modes to learn the courses.
The key in Re-Volt is knowing the best driving line for
each course.

Rely on your weapons:

Don't rely on your weapons. You'll soon realize that they
can get you only so far--fourth maybe?

The cars:

The cars' abilities vary greatly. Take the time to find
one that suits both the tracks and your particular driving

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