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Project IGI kodai:

Kodas: Demoversion

On the Main Menu type "Nada" and then when you are in
the game type in these cheat codes:

allgod - Make You and team God mode
allammo - Unlimited Ammo
easy - I think to make Level easy
ewww - Make Enemys die


Watch your ammo status and always be ready to reload.
The last thing you want is to get stuck reloading
during a firefight.

Before rushing into a base, make sure you completely
scout it out. There are often safer points of entry.

Watch the security cameras, especially if you're sniping
from a distance. If you shoot someone and a camera sees
it, the alarm will sound and your goose is cooked.


When you're at the water tower after you kill the sniper
there is a rope over to the right of where the sniper just
was and if you look up toward's the rope it will indicate
that you can use the rope.

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